Mastering: preparing your music for release


The mastering engineer...

...aims to optimize the sonic presentation of your music.

This doesn't only encompass general EQ and dynamic treatments; distribution formats & targeted playback systems must be considered as well.

The significance of this process has shifted since the analogue days, and it seems, all that counts today is loudness.

The true purpose of mastering appears to be losing importance, and butchering perfectly good mixes in favour of subjective loudness is the norm, so...

Rule #1: less is more.

What I can give you

  • A well trained ear
  • Critical listening skills
  • Great sense of detail

My approach to mastering

"Putting in the glue" to render a set of well mixed pieces into a coherent final product, and - if necessary - apply a bit of final 'shine'.

What to expect

The result of the mastering effort will of course depend on the quality of the source material.

Even the best engineers, utilizing highest end equipment, cannot transform a bad mix into a professional sounding track.

However, in many cases, the outcome can be astounding, even if the original take isn't top-grade.

Mastering trials

Mastering trials will of course be provided free of charge, and will be delivered in *.wav format.

How does it work?

Please drop me a line.

I will then provide detailed instructions as to what I need from you, and how you can transfer your files.

Want to know more?


Please have a look at the info page and / or get in touch:


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