Handcrafted Multimedia Speaker System

Full sound and extended connectivity in a small package

  • Isobaric subwoofer featuring two 4" long-throw drivers in a bass reflex enclosure for extended low-end.
  • One fullrange speaker plus two indirect firing tweeters per channel cover the rest of the frequency spectrum for a full, detailed and room-filling sound.
  • The bass reflex channel has been optimized; same tuning as BT ISO 01, but less likely to exhibit port noises in extreme situations.


  • WiFi streaming
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • USB host (mass storage)
  • USB DAC (PC audio)
  • Line In

The Amplifier is equipped with a DSP chip, so sound shaping requests (within the realm of physical feasibility / possibility!) can be catered for.

  • Pricing upon request. As depicted (MDF / maple, structure paint white, programmable WiFi/USB/Bluetooth 5.0 compatible 2.1 amplifier): 850 EUR, incl. PSU*, plus shipping.
  • Any questions? Feel free to use use the contact form below.

Current lead time for construction: approx. 3 weeks.

*) 20 EUR less if you prefer to use your own Power Supply: 12-24V, 4A DC (min), 5.5 / 2.1 mm barrel plug, center positive


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