BC ISO 210



Handcrafted Bass Guitar Cabinet

  • 2x 10" isobaric construction plus tweeter.
  • Electrical power handling: 300 W (AES) / 600 W (Program)
  • Neodymium speakers optional if lower weight is desired

The two drivers working in tandem in this isobaric enclosure facilitate better low-end extension in a small form factor; compared to a single speaker design, the required volume is effectively halved.

The employed speakers feature a well-defined midrange, precise and fast bass response, and as such reproduce the nuances of the player and the instrument in a subtle, yet precise and clear manner.

The tweeter adds crispness in the very top-end only, without ever getting aggressive.

To maximise mechanical power handling in high-level environments, or when using extended range instruments, a 12 dB/oct high-pass filter set around 40 Hz is a good idea.

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